My story: how all of this came to be | PART III

London was the chosen spot this time. I told myself I belonged to the big cities of this world. I was looking forward for the rush and chaos I did not have in Portugal.  I remember thinking I wanted to get myself into one of the biggest Advertising agencies around the city and so I googled the 50 best known ones, wrote them on a paper, organized them in neighborhoods, printed 50 curriculums and off I went. After days of rain and getting lost (my phone did not have data at the time so there was a lot of stopping at cafes and asking strangers for help), I finally made it to TMW Unlimited, a digital Ad agency in the heart...

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My story: how all of this came to be | PART II

Finland was a life school. Full of rough (and freezing) paths and some amazing moments, it marked the beginning of another, deeper, journey: the self-awareness one. For the first time ever, I was all by myself in an unknown place, realizing how self-suficient and brave I was while also having to face my fears and demons and starting to get to know who the hell this Elisa really was. Little did I know how my life would change forever from then on and we all heard it gets worse before it gets better, am I right? There, my then unnoticed eating disorders began making me feel uncomfortable. I could not quite put my finger on what was going on though I did know...

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My story: how all of this came to be | PART I

Thought a good, effective way to create some intimacy around here would be through one of my favourite activities: writing.  If you are reading this, it is very likely that we haven't (yet!) met in person and how amazing it is for me to think that my story would be of any interest to you! I see you and I appreciate all the love and support I've been getting since I started this intense, crazy journey of making art. So, out of total gratitude, let me guide you through my not so long but insanely fulfilled life. It all began back in 1992 in a tiny city on the south side of the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. I'm...

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