BENDITA x ELISA REZENDE Concept & Design of first brand's female collection of Tshirt and Dresses along with male Tshirt for (@benditacompany):
SOUNDWAVES FESTIVAL Official Tattoo Artist of one of the biggest techno music festivals that had the presence of international djs like Ben Klock, Dave Clarke, Stella Bossi, Boston 168, to name a few. (@soundwavesfest):
OUTJAZZ x ELISA REZENDE Main Plastic Artist at one of the most well-known music festivals in Portugal, in which I had a branded space to personalize vintage clothes for the attendees. (@out_jazz):
MOSTRA A TUA ARTE BUILDING EXHIBITION Concept & Artistic Creation of two designs screened at a building in Mosqueiro, Pará - Brazil (@mostratuaarte):
PROGRESSIVU'S HANDMADE JACKET GIVEAWAY Concept & Artistic Production of the piece for the DJ's event during the pandemic (@_progressivu):
MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT FASHION Concept & Design of Embroidered Clothes Collection for CrushLush (@crushlush.brand):
GALA BY MR. MARLEY VIA SONY MUSIC Artistic Production of artworks for artist's videoclip (@__mr.marley):
DIFFERENT BY KOMET VIA UNIVERSAL MUSIC Concept & Creative Production of album and single's cover both in digital and on canvas (@kometmusic):
LOVE IS TOO BIG TO BE HIDDEN EXHIBITION Concept, Artistic Creation & Logistics Production in partnership with fellow artist François Farcy:
Vernissages at MONA Gallery, Espaço de Santa Catarina, Casa da Guia de Cascais & LX Factory.
ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT Concept & Design of Clothes Collection for Albateg (@albateg_art):

THE WAVES Concept & Design of Tshirt Collection for The Echo Surfers School (@theechosurfers):
ALL YOU NEED IS ART Contemporary Art Festival Exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional de Lisboa:
MADAME PUDIM Logo Concept & Design:
O COOKIE SINCERO Design of visuals for their new collection of cookies "Língua de Gata":
Check their instagram here
Concept & Digital Illustration for social media purposes: