MOSTRA A TUA ARTE BUILDING EXHIBITION Concept & Artistic Creation of two designs screened at a building in Mosqueiro, Pará - Brazil (@mostratuaarte):

PROGRESSIVU'S HANDMADE JACKET GIVEAWAY Concept & Artistic Production of the piece for the DJ's event during the pandemic (@_progressivu):

MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT FASHION Concept & Design of Embroidered Clothes Collection for CrushLush (@crushlush.brand):

GALA BY MR. MARLEY VIA SONY MUSIC Artistic Production of artworks for artist's videoclip (@__mr.marley):

Watch video here

DIFFERENT BY KOMET VIA UNIVERSAL MUSIC Concept & Creative Production of album and single's cover both in digital and on canvas (@kometmusic):

Watch video here

LOVE IS TOO BIG TO BE HIDDEN EXHIBITION Concept, Artistic Creation & Logistics Production in partnership with fellow artist François Farcy:

Vernissages at MONA Gallery, Espaço de Santa Catarina, Casa da Guia de Cascais & LX Factory.

Watch the Vernissage at Casa da Guia here

ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT Concept & Design of Clothes Collection for Albateg (@albateg_art):

THE WAVES Concept & Design of Tshirt Collection for The Echo Surfers School (@theechosurfers):



ALL YOU NEED IS ART Contemporary Art Festival Exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional de Lisboa:

Watch full interview here

MADAME PUDIM Logo Concept & Design:

O COOKIE SINCERO Design of visuals for their new collection of cookies "Língua de Gata":

Check their instagram here

Concept & Digital Illustration for social media purposes: